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Mattress Pads Now On Sale!

Magnetic Mattress Pads & Pillows

Truly the "Cadillac" of the industry.  Magnetic polarity is guaranteed for life.  Overall construction is warranted for a full five years but designed to last a lifetime.  These mattress pads are provided with removable, washable, long wearing covers which are a first in the industry.  Underneath the removable cover is a breathable, waterproof liner which protects the magnets and construction.


Properly designed mattress pads made with therapeutic magnets provide the restorative energy to ensure restful sleep.  Damaging force fields bombard us almost constantly as we go about our lives in this modern age.  These force fields come from household electricity, televisions, computers, waterbeds and electric blankets, just to name a few.  They are damaging because they disrupt the structure of our cells which puts extra stress on the body to restore them.


Force fields from properly-designed therapeutic magnets assist the body in repairing this damage; thus reversing the effect of the damaging force fields.  sleeping in this healing force coincides with the healing cycle of the body which occurs at night.  The extra energy provided by the mattress pad can assist the body to help heal injuries, pain and many other conditions.

Click on the links below for the Mattress Pad Series:

Silver Series no long available

Gold Series Magnetic Mattress Pads

Magnetic Contour Pillow

Magnetic Contour Pillow:

This comfortable, full-size, barbell-shaped magnetic pillow provides magnetic energy to the head and neck while you are sleeping.


Lyon Effective Rating: 783.5


Magnetic Pillow Insert

Magnetic Pillow Insert:

Use with your regular pillow.  14" x 15 "

Lyon Effective Rating: 156.7


Travel / Body Pad - 24" x 36"


Lyon Effective Rating: 572.0  

(150 Size B Magnets, 3,950 Gauss)



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