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Which Magnetic Therapy Products Are Right For You?

Normal Guidelines For Use

Place a properly designed therapeutic magnet or magnetic product directly over the painful area with the north pole facing your body.

The magnet or magnetic garment must cover the entire area to be treated.  If you have pain in your entire body, sleep on a magnetic mattress pad.  Magnetic therapy is very different from chemical therapy in one important way: With chemical therapy you usually ingest some type of chemical substance.  As soon as the chemical reaction takes place, the body responds.  With magnetic therapy, you place the north pole energy directly over the painful area.  The force fields from the magnet team up with the natural energy of the body and the pain can go away naturally.  This experience can be very subtle.

There are places on your body that are hard to reach and it is not easy to hold a therapeutic magnet in place.  To address this problem, we carry an entire line of products that allow you to wear the product and forget about it.  The mattress pad is particularly easy to use.  Just lay down.  If you have a painful back you may want to select a belt or wrap.  Put it on so it is directly over the pain.

If you have sore feet, Magnetic insoles are a good choice.  For problems with hands, wrists or ankles, use a wrist or ankle wrap.  The basic rule is put the magnetism directly over the problem area.

Wear the product for a significant period of time and design your own wearing schedule.  Therapeutic magnets won't help if you don't use them.

Keep the magnetic products in place.  There are no hard and fast rules.  Pain relief may occur within 5 minutes to a week.  Joint problems may take a month.  Magnetic treatment of internal organs can take up to 6 months.  The more you wear the therapeutic magnets, the larger benefit you will receive.

Magnetic products such as a mattress pad may increase the effectiveness of vitamins, minerals, herbs, drugs and other therapy.

Cooperate with the natural cycles of you body.

While the body is at rest and sleeping, it is most receptive to healing and rejuvenation.  However, anytime you offer the body extra energy by way of therapeutic magnets you can make your body more efficient.

Use high powered therapeutic magnets.

The natural law of thermodynamics (all nature runs downhill) becomes more and more a reality as the natural magnetic field of the earth declines.  As a result, living things are becoming more susceptible to disease and long-term illness.  In order to fight disease and pain, you should consider our high powered products and our gold series.  The silver series is also an excellent choice, for preventative maintenance, for those people who are in relatively good health.

Tolerate the initial discomfort from the detoxification period, if necessary.

Most people experience a restful night's sleep the first time with a magnetic mattress pad.  However, some people will initially feel discomfort or increased pain when they begin to use properly designed therapeutic magnets.  This is a result of the body initially resisting the state of change as it has gotten used to the unhealthy condition.  If you feel additional pain or other adverse effects when you start using magnetic products, approximately 10 percent of people using magnetic therapy experience this.  Another reason this happens is due to better circulation.  Again, the body is seeking to avoid any change, and may be protesting this change by signaling it to you as pain.  As soon as the body adjusts to it , the pain will end.

Another reason your body may experience stress is that you could be very sensitive to the toxins and poisons being flushed out.  When magnetic energy is applied to your body, the toxins or poisons that have been lying dormant begin to leave.  When the poison is gone, the discomfort will lessen.  If you feel this discomfort, and decide to continue using the products, within a short time the stress or pain will subside.  If you would rather not tolerate this, remove the product. wait a while and reapply.  Continue to do this until all problems have ceased.

Use therapeutic magnets for more energy.

Just as there is a transfer of energy directly from the earth to the body there is a transfer of energy from the therapeutic magnet to the body.  The Krebs Cycle (the cycle that food goes through starting with eating and ending in the production of energy) only accounts for 70 percent of our energy.  The other 30 percent comes from the earth or therapeutic magnets.  Remember to use the north pole of the magnet only.

Keep an assortment of therapeutic magnets available for first aid.

When the need for first aid arises, place the north pole directly over the injury.  The pain can subside or go away completely in seconds.  For injuries such as a sprain, break or burn that may take longer to heal, keep the wound in a north pole force field (make sure the magnets cover the entire area).  Studies have shown that healing time can be considerably reduced.  With north pole magnetism you may apply the magnetism to an injury immediately.  There is no need to wait any length of time.  Again, we are using the same healing energy that is provided naturally by the earth.  Do not use magnets as a substitute for any needed surgery or medical treatments which have arisen due to an injury.

Magnetic therapy is very subtle.

Sometimes it is so subtle you won't notice when it works.  Why is this?  We can only guess.  Perhaps it is because the working of the therapeutic magnets are so natural and gentle that when we get pain relief we don't believe the relief was from therapeutic magnets.

Exercise caution when using the south pole energy of a magnet.

The real danger of south energy emanating from therapeutic magnets is the fact that it over stimulates and energizes.  If you place south pole energy over bacteria, virus or malignant cells, it will stimulate them.  While there are a few cases where the south pole is used successfully, a good rule of thumb is to never use the south pole.  Another good idea is to never use alternating north and south poles as this is not a natural energy that our body is able to safely deal with.

Lifetime Products.

You must take into account you financial ability, your level of activity and the severity of your condition.  If you have a low budget, there are still excellent choices that may take longer wearing periods, but are very effective.  If you have a very severe condition, give yourself the gift of the best products that we have to offer.  Most of these items are a lifetime purchase.

Natural magnet products can be useful when used properly.

This rule only applies to our natural magnet products such as certain jewelry.  These products are not considered alternating because there is no deliberate pattern of energy.  Magnets with the natural occurrence of both poles are successfully used in primitive countries with a degree of success.  However, only use these products up to six days a week.  If you develop an infection in the area of the product, remove it until the infection is gone.  Keep them away from any injury or malignant growth.  (Unless noted on the product page all jewelry carried by E-Magnet Shop may be worn 7 days a week without consequence noted above).

Use a wide variety of products.

Use them as often as possible.  Learn what works for you and keep records.  For basic communication we put things in the simplest way possible.  It is not our intent to construe anything as a claim.  Every individual and situation is different.

(for all types of magnets including therapeutic magnets.)
Strong magnetism should be avoided directly over the stomach for the first hour after eating as stomach acids necessary for digestion can be neutralized.

There has been no research done as to the effects of magnetism on unborn babies.  Although we believe proper magnetic energies to be of the same benefit to all stages of life, we recommend that as a precaution magnets are not used over the unborn baby during pregnancy.

If you are long-term bedridden, do not stay on the mattress pad constantly, but remove it for several hours a day, or move off the mattress for several hours each day.

Care Instructions
Keep away from intense heat.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Keep out of hot water.

Hand wash and hang dry.

Do not wear extremely tight to the body or use them for support.  This not only slows circulation but puts undo stress on the fasteners.

Do not wash mattress pads.  Gold and Silver series mattress pad covers may be removed and washed.  However, this is not recommended due to the difficulty in replacing the cover.  When mattress pads are in place they should be covered with a standard, retail mattress cover to retain cleanliness.  Exception: Standard series mattress pads are hand washable.

Metal plates or pins usually have no magnetic properties and therefore are not effected by therapeutic magnets.

You may work with a computer while using most therapeutic magnetic products.  However do not allow large magnets to be near (within two feet) your computer.

Magnetic therapy does not adversely interfere with other therapies.

Keep them at least two inches away from any appliance that operates with batteries.  With a pacemaker you should play it safe and keep them 6 inches away for small magnets and 18 inches away for large magnets.

Keep magnets away from the magnetic strip on credit cards, audio tapes, video tapes, computer disks and all kinds of encoded magnetic media.

Federal Guidelines:  We do not make any direct claims about the intended use of our products.  Our products are not being sold as medical devices.  No indications or representations of product performance on our web site, any of our printed material or verbal communication is intended to indicate or suggest this.  We do not provide diagnosis or recommendations.  We do not make specific guarantees as to specific product performance.  We provide products for you to use as you see fit and do not assume any responsibility for the performance and or use of our products.  We do believe that self diagnosis needs to be done only with proper study so you can make informed decisions, or consult a physician to assist you.
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