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Did you know some people use our SuperFlex Magnetic Insoles to help keep their feet warm? Research has shown that magnets increase circulation, so this makes a lot of sense. One person told me she even wears them in her socks at home when her feet are cold, and they warm up in moments.  Here is more on the subject:


Ten Beneficial Influences Of Magnets

The Beneficial Influence Of Magnets May Be Summed Up As Follows:

  • When a magnet is applied to the human body, magnetic waves pass through the tissues and secondary currents are induced. When these currents clash with magnetic waves, they produce impacting heats on the electrons in the body cells. The impacting waves are very effective to reduce pain and swelling in the muscles, etc.

  • Movement of hemoglobin in blood vessels is accelerated while calcium and cholesterol deposits in blood are decreased. Even unwanted materials clinging to the inside of blood vessels, which provoke high blood pressure, are decreased and made to vanish. The blood is cleansed and circulation is increased. The activity of the heart eases and pain disappears.

  • Functions of autonomic nerves are normalized so that the internal organs controlled by them regain their proper function. Secretion of hormones are promoted with the result that the skin gains luster, youth is preserved and all the ailments due to the lack of hormone secretion may be relieved or even cured.

  • Blood and lymph circulation is activated and, therefore, nutrition is easily and efficiently carried to every cell of the body. This helps in promoting general metabolism.

  • Magnetic waves penetrate the skin, fatty tissues and bones, and invigorate the organs. The result is greatly enhanced resistance to disease.

  • The magnetic flux promotes health and provides energy by eliminating disorders in, and stimulating the functions of, the various systems of the body. This includes the circulatory, nervous, respiratory, digestive and urinary systems.

  • Magnetic treatment works by reforming, reviving and promoting the growth of cells, rejuvenating the tissues of the body, strengthening the decayed and inactive corpuscles and increasing the number of new, sound corpuscles.

  • Magnets have exceptional curative effects on certain complaints like toothache, stiffness of shoulders and other joints, pains and swellings, cervical sponcylitis, eczema, asthma as well as on chilblains, injuries and wounds.

  • The self-curative faculty (Homeostasis) of the body is improved and strengthened which maintains all the benefits mentioned above. One feels in full vigor and can walk and work, more and more without feeling tired.

  • The magnetic treatment has the effect of energizing all the systems of the body. The effect remains on the body for several hours after each sitting with the magnets.

Excerpt from Magnetic Therapy by Dr. H.L. Bansal
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