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Biological Effects Of Magnetism

Therapeutic magnets emit a force field.  When we place a therapeutic magnet on our skin, the force field penetrates the flesh and blood that passes through this magnetic force field.  These illustrations show calcium molecules under a microscope.  The top portion is the calcium molecule before passing through the force field.  The bottom is the calcium molecule after it has passed through the north magnetic field.  Notice the difference.  The molecules on the top have spines and barbs and are clumped which can slow down circulation.  The ones on the bottom are streamlined molecules that resemble grains of rice and are smaller than the ones on the top.  The smaller, streamlined molecules circulate more efficiently.  Oxygen and nutrients are transported faster and toxins are carried away more quickly.  The large calcium molecules with spines and barbs sometimes collect on the inside of blood vessels.  The smaller more streamlined molecules, do not.  This allows the body's natural healing system to function better and in situations where healing has stopped due to lack of oxygen and waste removal, may actually cause healing to resume.

Artist Rendition of Microscopic Calcium Crystals Other Molecules are also affected after passing through the magnetic field emitted from a properly designed therapeutic magnet.  Minerals, such as iron, have magnetic properties and align themselves to become more efficient in their function.  The hydrogen molecule controls pH.  When exposed to a north pole magnetic field, hydrogen resets pH 
to the proper balance, which is essential for optimum health.  Dr. Burly Payne states in The Body Magnetic: "These are the known factors involved in magnetic healing: Increase blood flow with resultant increase in oxygen delivery.  Removal of calcium ions from painful arthritic joints."
In a double-blind test, magnetism helped 90 percent of a large group of patients with myositis, bursitis, arthritis and rheumatism.  Other research shows how therapeutic magnets have promoted better healing of scars, more effectively even than sutures.

Swiss Neuropath, a respected medical journal in Switzerland, reports that magnets are widely used to help patients with headaches (including migraines), constipation, bronchitis, hypertension, hemorrhoids, glaucoma and many other serious diseases.  Cancer cannot exist in a strong magnetic field, notes Dr. K.E. MaClean, M.D. of New York.

One in three Americans uses alternative therapy and hundreds of thousands use magnetic therapy.  Worldwide, over 100 million people use this therapy, 30 million in Japan alone, where 10 million people sleep on magnetic beds to counter the effects of stress, pain, fatigue and various ailments.  The Food And Drug Administration approved the use of electromagnets for medical purposes in 1978 and considers the permanent magnet even more favorable.  Over 100,000 operations for bone fusion, muscular disorders, and other serious ailments are performed with electromagnets by licensed orthopedic surgeons annually.  Permanent magnets do essentially the same work as electromagnets, without the side effects which are produced by alternating magnetism.

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