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Customer Comments

After extensive use of magnetic therapy on both patients and myself, I have given Lyon Magnetic Health Products my highest rating.

I am a Chiropractor who began reading books about magnets years ago and soon after incorporated magnetic therapy into my practice.  I have lectured to various groups about the benefits of magnetic therapy and the theories that attempt to explain why they help many conditions.  I have personally tested magnets from close to 50 companies.

I am yet to find a company whose magnet products equal those of Lyon when it comes to penetration, uniformity of field, quality and reliability.  My reputation is secure when I offer these products to my patients.  Without going into the vast number of physical conditions that respond amazingly well to Lyon products, I can say that in general they use the highest quality materials and have very affordable prices.

It took a long time, but I finally found a company I can stick with.


Dr. Glenn Berman D.C.P.C.

Brooklyn, NY

After dental surgery which included the removal of a portion of bone from my jaw, the doctor sent me home with a prescription for powerful pain killers to relieve the anticipated pain I would be dealing with.  He also gave me information on how to reduce the swelling I would have in my jaw and face.  Instead of either of these, I used the Lyon Magnetic Brick... my recovery was unbelievable!  I never needed a single pain pill and the swelling was non-existent.  Instead of three or four days out of work, I was able to return the next day.  The people I work with couldn't believe it when I walked into the office the morning after my surgery.

Bob Battista,

Madison, WI

My husband Stuart, age 54, has Rheumatoid Arthritis.  His feet and legs were blue from the bad circulation.  He uses the High Power Insoles now, and his legs do not hurt as bad and the blue has completely disappeared!

Rita Macintosh,

Salem, VA

About five years ago I started having feet problems.  The doctors told me that I had Tarsal Tunnel.  I was operated on for this yet received no relief, even after a year.  They then told me they could not find anything wrong and decided to give me anti-depressants telling me that it was all in my head.  I said no way.  I had already tried magnetic products with very little relief.  A man then told me about the difference between north pole magnets and the alternating/ bi-polar magnetic insoles that I had been using.  I decided to try their Lyon Magnetic Insoles.  In less than 24 hours I was out of pain for the first time in FIVE YEARS! Thanks!

Ray M.,

North Fort Meyers, FL

Magnetic therapy with the Lyon Gold Series pad has helped my insomnia to a great degree.  I am sleeping every night instead of going 2 to 3 days without sleep.  The pain in my back and knees, even with spinal degeneration and arthritic calcium deposits is better.  Absolutely no question.  My blood pressure is also down and my angina is gone.  Your products have given me my life back.

George Kolesar,

North Versailles, PA

...Although I take good nutritional supplements and get regular chiropractic treatments, I still have low back pain and stiffness.  The back pad has been a wonderful adjunct in treating my back feels better.  I wear it quite often.  I have also used the pad on just about every part of my body at one time or another.  It is very versatile.  Thanks for a wonderful product.

Dr. Rodney T. Hard, D.C.

Salem, Indiana

I have been sleeping on the Gold Series Mattress Pad for six and one half months now.  I have had Diabetes for three years which is now gone as a result.  Also, my wife had a stroke that left her in very bad shape.  Sleeping on the pad for only two nights has made a huge difference in how she feels.  Thanks for your products.

Curt Clark,

Keavy, KY

In 1996, my son Jesse had surgery for a very deep yet benign brain tumor.  The physicians said the tumor would eventually have shut off his ability to breath if it grew any larger.  The surgery left him with visual problems, a right side weakness, seizures, dizziness and nausea.  He found he could not continue in his chosen career.  He was able to find jobs.  That took courage however, as it was all that he could do to get through an ordinary day.  He has used a Lyon Gold Series north pole Mattress pad for nine months now and has had no more seizures.  His vision is normal and his hands no longer shake and dizziness is improving.   He recently had a physical exam and was told that everything was normal and is now employed as a laboratory assistant.  Thank you!!

Anne Lafferty,

Lone Rock, WI

I have noticed the leg cramps I used to get have almost disappeared.  I had the opportunity to really see if it was the Lyon Silver Series Mattress pad when my doctor placed me in the hospital for tests.  During my stay, the leg cramps came back with a vengeance.  My sleep and energy levels have also improved.

Bruce Grotta,

Philadelphia, PA

Our most popular product of yours is the Skull Cap.  Our 15 year old daughter has had great success for her sinus problems and my wife has used it to quickly eliminate migraine headaches.  My daughter who is 18 has been diagnosed with bipolar schizophrenia disorder.  She has been hospitalized for violent mood swings and inappropriate behavior.  We placed magnets on her forehead with tape and noticed her confusion cleared up remarkably.  She loves the Skull Cap to help herself normalize.

Richard Scott

Hamilton, TX

Early this past month my right knee locked up in mid stride causing extreme pain, which would, in the past, continue for days.  The pain was minimized by the Lyon Brand high powered knee tubes within an hour!

James Wentz,

Mount Laurel, NJ

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