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Choose the Product Right for You  
After reviewing the articles about magnetic products, you are ready to select your magnetic product.  The links at the top of each page will lead you to the products designed for specific areas of the body, general use (such as mattress pads and jewelry) or for pets.  When you have selected your product.  Simply click on the buy button next to it.
Click on the Buy Button  
Once you click the buy button - you will transfer to your shopping cart on our secure server where you may review the item you just selected to make sure it is what you want to buy.  If you would like to return to the same page you were on when you made the selection simply use the back button on your internet browser.  The return to shopping link on the shopping cart page will return you to our main web page. Home Page.  You may then navigate back to E-Magnet Shop by selecting the Magnetic Products text link at the top of each page.
Check Out  
When you are ready to check out, it is just like at the grocery store.  You check out with all the items in your shopping cart, simply click on the checkout link.  You will be asked to complete billing and shipping information to complete your order.  Including, the credit card and number.  Please be sure to check the information you are providing since it will be verified for accuracy before your order can be approved and shipped.  We do not store credit card information on our servers so that there is no risk that someone un-authorized may access that information and use it fraudulently.  You will need to re-enter your card information each time you make a purchase. 
E-Mail Confirmation  
When you submit your order on the secure server, several things happen.  We check the information you provided against the card issuer information to make sure someone else is not trying to use your card.  If the transaction is authorized on line - which only takes a few seconds.  Your order will be placed.  Within a few minutes you will receive an email that your order has been received by us.  This is not an approval of your order simply an acknowledgement.  
Once the transaction has been approved we will ship your order.  This usually takes a day or two after we receive your on-line order.  When your purchase is shipped we will email you again with a UPS tracking number.  You may go to and track where your package is at any time.
Fax or E-mail Orders  
If you prefer, you may fax or email your order to us using the online order form.  Simply fill out the form and click submit to email it to us at  Please note that the fastest and most secure way to order is using our secure server shopping cart system.
You may call 336-215-4667 to place an order or ask any question.  Please leave a message or your telephone number and we will return your call.  This line is a regular business line and is only available for answer during office hours on the east coast of the United States.
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