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Lyon Magnetic Effectiveness Rating

The Lyon Effective Rating is a measurement that takes into consideration all variables and ultimately determines the actual effectiveness of a product as it compares to another.  For example, although both Gold and Silver Series Mattress Pads use the same gauss strength magnets, the Lyon Effective Rating is nearly tripled for the Gold Series.  Please note, however, that all of our properly designed magnetic products are effective.  Lower Rating means simply that the effect may take somewhat longer to produce the ultimate result when comparing products of the same sizeSmall products that cover a smaller area of the body will have a lower rating which should be compared to other small products.

Our formula considers:

  Magnetic "holding" strength and energy (see Gauss comparison below)
  The direction of circles that the magnetic energy travels.  North pole is counterclockwise and the south pole is clockwise.  Except as specifically noted, all Lyon Magnetic Products are north pole polarity.
  Measures speed in which the energy travels.  Frequency must be precise in therapeutic magnets in order to provide benefits and be safe to the body.  Magnets not designed for therapeutic reasons may be ineffective or harmful.
  The distance and direction traveled by the energy.
Spacing & Placement  
  In products using more than one magnet, spacing is very critical.  Magnets spaced properly work together, enhance each other and form a complete circuit among themselves and ultimately throughout the body.  Spacing is different for each type and size of magnet.  Many of our competitors' magnetic products fail to take this into consideration.  Lyon guarantees our products are made with this crucial factor in mind.

Gauss Comparison

In comparing magnetic products you will often see the term "Gauss" used with the intention of attempting to show how powerful a product is.  There are two main measurement of gauss:

Surface Gauss, which is the actual holding force of energy that emits from a magnet, and Residual Induction, "br" or Manufacturers Rating, which is a number used to determine the force required to magnetize magnetic material.

Normally any magnet listed over 3,700 gauss is referring to the induction number.  You should ask for the Surface Gauss number since you can not assume a high br number is of any value.  However, here is a typical approximated comparison:

  Typical Magnetic Ratings Surface Gauss BR Gauss
Plastiform Flexible Magnets 300 - 500 2.450
Ceramic Magnets 600 - 1.200 2,300 - 3,950
High Powered Rare Earth Magnets 1,200 - 4,000 8,700 - 12,500
Iron Magnets (poor frequency for health magnets) 600 - 800 8,000
As you can see, it is easy to be confused or be misled.  A magnet could be listed as 4,000 Gauss, which in fact could be surface or br.  Gauss number comparison is listed below to compare.  It is best however to use the Lyon effective Rating when comparing products.

Lyon Magnetic Gauss Ratings

High Energy Flexible Magnet (2,450 Gauss)

  Used in our flexibles and super flex insoles.  Average surface gauss is 500.  This is an extremely effective strength when the mass of the entire magnet is considered.  This can easily be seen by referring to the Lyon Effective Rating noted by each product.
Rare Earth Magnet (12,500 Gauss) (Size A)
  The strongest possible magnetic material found anywhere.  Able to produce a surface gauss of approximately 2,600.  Size 1/4" thick x 3/4" diameter.
Rare Earth Magnet (12,500 Gauss) (Size B)
  Extremely powerful, therapeutic magnet. produces surface gauss of approximately 2,000.  Size 1/8" thick x 1/3" diameter.
Ceramic Magnet (3,950 Gauss) (Size A)
  Large 1,100 surface gauss magnet that provides deep penetration.  Used in Gold Series Mattress Pads.  Size 1 7/8" x 7/8" x 3/8".
Ceramic Magnet (3,950 Gauss) (Size B)
  Excellent general use therapeutic magnet.  The size gives this magnet a strong surface gauss of 1,000.  Size 1/4" thick x 3/4" diameter.
Ceramic Magnet (3,950 Gauss) (Size C)
  A great therapeutic magnet with the surface gauss of 800.  Size 1/8" thick 1/3" diameter.
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