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Magnetism for Healing

Now that you are ready to explore all of your health care options and take responsibility for your health, select the best and safest treatments possible with Lyon Magnetic Health Products.  They are your best option.

Proper magnetic therapy has been proven to enhance the body's natural ability to heal itself, not just mask symptoms as many other treatments do in our modern day world.  On it's own, the body treats injury and illness with magnetic energy, which it derives from within itself and from the earth's magnetic field.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, M.D. provided a very important fundamental observation concerning magnetic response and therapy.  He showed that when an injury occurs, the injured area registers magnetically positive (south pole).  After a few hours the site of the injury without any outside magnetic influence registers negative (north pole).  What this shows is that north pole energy is a sign of healing while south pole energy is a signal of injury and disorder.  By using a north pole magnet on a recent injury we can immediately start the healing process, before it has the opportunity to go through the hours of stress and south pole presence.  Because we do not have the south pole facing the body in our products, we can safely recommend immediate treatment of injury.

Why do we need magnetism in the form of magnetic health products?

The Earth has a huge magnetic field.  Dr. R. Broeringmeyer says that 6,000 years ago the earth's magnetic field measured 3 Gauss.  People lived longer and archeological evidence shows they were healthier.  We believe this was because of the benefits of the earth's stronger magnetic field.  Today, the average measurement of this field is less than 1 Gauss.  Dr. K. Nadagawa learned from his study on Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome that the human body is under the influence of the earth's magnetic field and, under modern day conditions, the effect of this field has been decreasing.  By applying a magnetic field on the human body to supplement this decrease and this deficiency, abnormal conditions can be corrected.

People are currently healthier in parts of the earth where magnetic fields are stronger.  In Discovery of Magnetic Health, George J. Washnis reports that millions of people annually visit Lourdes, France where greater north pole magnetic fields prevail.  As a result of bathing, drinking and dabbing the water of Lourdes on their body, "All seem to feel better as pain and stress are relieved, while over 2,000 inexplicable cures (with 65 so-called miracles) have been recognized by the authorities."  For those of us who do not live in these strong magnetic fields, the only thing we can do to maintain a life of excellent health is to use therapeutic magnetic products.  With Lyon Magnetic Health Products, you can create and live in your own strong, proper, healthful magnetic field.  

When we say "north pole" we are referring to a type of magnetic energy and not the poles of the earth.  All therapies, health strategies, and healing methods have a common goal -- to provide or help the body create additional north pole magnetic energy and deliver it to the area of the body needing it.  The north pole of a magnet is the same polarity as the magnetic field that is provided to us by the earth.  Every cell in our body is dependent upon this energy for survival and health.  In fact, we can't live without it.  Properly designed therapeutic magnetic products have been found to be effective in enhancing this natural process.

Companies that sell alternating and bi-polar products with "patented" alternating patterns need to recommend that you wait several hours before treating to avoid increasing the south pole presence in the area.  You will see this warning often on their packaging: "therapeutic magnets should never be applied near a fresh wound, sprain or bruise within the first 48 hours of its occurrence."  Lyon Magnetic Products, because they are properly designed, do not carry this warning and in fact we recommend treatment with north pole magnets as quickly as possible.

The human body is an electromagnetic organism.  Electricity flows through the nerves in our bodies the same way electricity flows through a wire.  All cells have two magnetic poles in their DNA.

Magnetism in the body comes from two sources:

  1. Magnetism produced through metabolism (oxidative remnant magnetism.)
  2. Magnetism from the earth's magnetic field.
Magnetism made internally by the body is not adequate to sustain life.  As a result, humans have a definite dependency on an external source of magnetism.  It is also shown in an everyday phenomenon known as "jet lag" which results from being too far from the earth's magnetic field when flying for long periods of time.  There are also measurable effects of cosmic radiation.  According to George Washnis in, "Discovery of Magnetic Health," the body is exposed to 200 times more radiation at 40,000 feet than at ground level.  Flying for five hours at this altitude is comparable to the radiation we are exposed to when given a chest X-ray.  Sleeping on a mattress pad, even the Lyon Standard Series, and /or drinking magnetic water is extremely beneficial in replenishing the magnetism that your body was deprived of while flying, along with restoring weakened cells from the cosmic radiation.

To better understand how magnets can help relieve pain it is helpful to understand some of the causes of pain.

  1. Injury:  One of the most obvious is when we injure ourselves in the form of bruising, sprains, breaks, cuts, etc.  When this happens, the injury reacts to the increased presence of south pole energy in the area and sends a signal to the brain which we feel as pain.  The brain reacts by sending a north pole magnetic field to the area to begin healing and reconstruction.  When we apply a magnet to this pain, we supplement the north pole energy and allow the healing to begin more quickly and the pain signal is overcome and neutralized by the magnet.  If we would use a bi-polar magnet, the extra confusion and stress that could be created would block the pain signals but the healing would actually be delayed.  hence the warning noted earlier.  This is why doctors such as Dr. William Philpott, Dr. Albert Roy Davis and Dr. Walter Rawls recommend that only north pole magnets be used.
  2. Acidic State:  Dr. Robert Young Ph.D., research scientist, stated after decades of clinical studies "There is only one disease, the constant over acidification of the blood and tissues.  This disturbs the central regulation of the human body - unbalancing it."  An acid state produces swollen cells.  Acidity, lack of oxygen and swollen cells are painful.  Dr. William Philpott has proven that a north magnetic field will increase oxidation, reduce swelling and alkalinize (normalize) the body, in effect reversing the effects of over acidification, temporarily correcting these disorders, allowing our body to heal itself better while fighting these problems.
  3. Referred Pain:  The interconnections of the body's electrical system (nervous system) relate to each other through a reflex arc -- two completely separate parts of the body are joined by this arc.  Examples of this are a disorder in the spine that causes leg pain, or an injury in one part of the body that refers pain to an internal organ.  In these cases, the treatment of the perceived pain with magnets may not result in the pain relief you are looking for.  To treat the central nervous system in the case of referred pain, place magnets over each temple as often as possible and/or sleep with a Magnetic Contour Pillow or Gold Series Mattress Pad that will provide a field strong enough to reach the entire head.  The mattress pad is especially helpful as the magnetism is then reaching a specific area as well as the nervous system.
  4. Scars:  Many times an injury does not heal completely.  It may appear healed, but there may be scarring or partial healing under the skin.  Scarring under the surface of the skin is dangerous because a scar, whether it is visible or not, is abnormal to the body.  Scars maintain a constant magnetic charge of south pole.  We have received many reports of scar tissue completely disappearing after several months of continuous treatment with north pole magnetism.  Lyon Flexible magnets are light weight and easy to apply to the body for non-stop north pole exposure.
  5. Edema:  Also known as swelling of the cells.  This problem puts pressure on the nerve endings causing pain and decreased mobility.  Magnetic water or mattress pads are helpful to treat the entire body, while individual magnets are useful for more specific problems.  For edema which occurs in a joint due to injury or illness it is important to first place magnets above the joint or swollen limb, according to Dr. Philpott.  North pole magnetism pulls fluids and this will draw the excess fluid towards the trunk of the body.  An example of this might be a swollen knee due to a sprain.  For this symptom, it would be advisable to place high-powered magnets above the knee or higher on the leg.  Occasionally, pain may increase at first, but this too is a sure sign that the magnetism is working in the body.  Since every person responds to magnetism differently, some experimentation may be necessary to find what works best for you.  If pain increases, simply remove the magnet, allow the body to recover, then reapply the magnet or try it in a different location, perhaps directly on the site of the injury.  It is important to understand that this is a potential occurrence.  Do not immediately discard proper north pole magnetic therapy if it does not work instantly or if symptoms or pain are increased initially.  Remember that north pole magnetism is completely safe and the goal is much more than temporary pain relief.
  6. Infections:  Infections are acidic and are quickly attacked by north pole magnetism.  This treatment normalizes pH, corrects cellular swelling (edema), promotes oxygenation and actually has an antibiotic effect on microorganisms.  The antibiotic effect occurs because the magnet defeats the microorganisms production of ATP.  It is important to remember that in treating an infection, often the north pole magnet will relieve the symptoms in as quickly as a few minutes.  It is recommended however to continue the treatment for a minimum of 14 days to achieve the full antibiotic effect.  Magnetized water is an excellent, very effective way to treat an infection both externally and internally (orally) on an ongoing basis.
Magnetic energy and magnetic health are just one spoke in the wheel of perfect health.  Ideally we should exercise, watch our diets and drink filtered water.  Magnetic therapy is the most natural alternative to chemicals and drugs.  Magnetic therapy enhances your body's utilization of healthful foods and herbs, as well as making exercise and physical therapy more effective.  Researchers, medical doctors and scientists have proven that properly designed therapeutic magnets work by helping the body maintain and restore itself naturally.  It has been established many times over that if you use these products according to our guidelines there is absolutely no harm to the body.  There are no side effects.
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