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North and South Poles -- The True Difference

Magnetic research has revealed there is a significant difference between north and south pole energy.  The south pole stimulates, while the north pole sedates.  Pain, inflammation, bruising, infection, and most other medical applications require the use of the north pole.  The south pole is not used in these cases because bacteria, viruses and cancer could be stimulated also.


North pole energy has a counter clockwise spin, which produces recuperative effects.  North pole energy penetrating the body has been successfully used to relieve pain, energize, promote natural healing, increase stimulation and stimulate reflexology.  North pole energy has the ability to dissolve the build up of fatty material, including cholesterol and can be used as a weapon for weight control.  It has the ability to reduce inorganic calcium deposits and fight infection.


South pole energy is the opposite -- it has clockwise spin.  While north pole energy causes constriction, the south pole energy causes expansion.  It promotes levels of acid, lowers pH, strengthens cells, promotes protein activity and enhances all cellular matter.  Oxygen levels decrease as acid levels increase.  South pole energy can soften hardened arteries and make organs and tissue flexible.  It has been found to increase the overall production of red blood cells.  South pole energy typically provides over stimulation and cellular over activity and, as a result, is normally not recommended.

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