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Understanding Magnets, Their Uses For Health and Who May Benefit From Them

"Understanding the Principles of Magnetic Therapy" by Jack Lyon (edited)

What Is A Magnet

A magnet is any stone, metal or substance that can attract or repel various "ferrous" (magnetic like) materials.  Any example of metals that are not attracted to magnets are those such as stainless steel and titanium.  The magnetic energy does not even "see" the metal and passes through it much the same as it does any plastic, fiber or skin.  It is critical in using magnets for health purposes to make sure which pole is which with a magnet.  Magnets may not be marked correctly.  Just remember that when we refer to the "north pole" of a magnet that we are referring to the "bio-north", which is also known as the "south seeking" pole.  (As opposites attract, the pole that seeks the south is in fact the north pole).

The History And Future of Magnetic Usage

In a recent study, it was discovered that over 60,000 people die every year from prescription drug reactions.  Considering many of these prescriptions were for non life threatening diseases, it truly makes us wonder why these toxic drugs are so quickly considered to be the standard first line defense to heal everything.

Magnets have been used for treatment well before the times of ancient Greece.  In the first century, magnets began to be discussed as a true healing energy.  By the late 1700's studies were commenced to learn the truth about magnets.  These studies concluded that the magnet would play as large a role in medicine as it does now in physics.  Why has it not played a larger role despite obvious benefits and successes?  My personal opinion is that because it is not possible to patent magnetic energy, companies that are willing to do extensive research in return for long term product studies are unable to be compensated for their efforts so they stick to drug research.  As a result of this, countries with little money to spend on medical care, turn to therapies such as magnets much more quickly.  Finally in the early 1900's, serious headway was made with the discovery of true understanding of the differences in each side of the magnet, or magnetic poles.  William Rwals and Albert Roy Davis made this discovery quite by accident which then led to decades of valuable research.  They proved beyond any doubt the unique difference of each magnetic pole and the different effects each has on the body.

The Earth acts as a huge magnet, with a north and south pole on each end and an energy close to the north pole of a magnet emanating throughout the bulk of the earth from the inner magnetic core.  Scientists have established through carbon dating methods that the Earth's magnetic field is continually decreasing by as much as 50% in the last 500 years, and 5% in just the last 100.  Dr. Nakagawa of Japan believes that we are all suffering form different levels of magnetic deficiency syndrome which is responsible for creating the need to keep good health through the use of magnets in the form of Magnetic mattress pads, etc.  Magnetic energy from magnetic therapy magnets provide additional energy to each cell.  This helps the body in its healing process, alleviating the need for the body to deplete its own energy resources.

Magnets - Complementary Health Products

Magnetic Health Products should be considered a complement to all forms of health treatment.  If a treatment from any health practitioner is safe and effective, consider using magnets as an effective part of this therapy.  Everyone from medical doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, kinesiologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, massage therapists, reflexologists, homeopathic doctors, plastic surgeons and many more.  Allow magnets to be used to improve the efficient usage of herbs, vitamins, minerals and even prescription drugs.  Everyone should make their own decision and determination as to when to use magnets or when not to.

Considerations when using magnets for therapy or health:

1. Do not use magnetic therapy during pregnancy.

2. Do not use magnets anywhere near a pacemaker.

3. Do not rely on magnets solely as a "cure all".  Rather, use them as a part of an overall approach to good health that includes proper nutrition, water, exercise and the avoidance of overly acidic foods and toxins.

4. Avoid sleeping over 10 hours per night on a strong north pole mattress pad on a regular basis as over alkalization of the body can occur.

5. Wait one hour after eating, before placing strong magnets over the stomach area as digestion may be slowed.  This should not interfere with the commonly practiced method of using magnets for an acid stomach.

6. Reconsider all other treatments when using magnets, as the magnets can treat the entire body as in the case of magnetized water and mattress pad, making the body's functions more efficient possibly reducing the amount of drugs and other supplements needed.

7. Do not use south pole, alternating (bi-polar) or "natural" magnetism in the presence of infection, inflammation, tumors, etc.

8. Avoid continuous (24 hours - every day) magnetic exposure except when using the north pole to treat areas of injury, disease or illness.

Generally accepted precautions when handling magnets.

1. Do not drop magnets as this can cause a weakening of the magnetic strength.

2. Do not store magnets over 400 degrees F, or 250 degrees F for high powered and rare earth magnets.

3. When possible, store magnets of different strength away from each other.  This is especially important when dealing with magnets of very different strengths such as a flexible magnet and a high powered magnet as some transfer of energy may occur.

4. Do not store magnets for extended periods of time in direct contact with ferrous metal as this can gradually deteriorate a magnet.

5. Keep magnets away from the magnetic strip of credit cards, audio tapes, video tapes, computer disks and any type of encoded magnetic media.

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